Issue Two - Grocery

Resource Library

Still curious about the labels at the grocery story? Want to learn more about how to eradicate food deserts? Well, you're in the right place. We've compiled a library of readings, resources, and guides to help you find what you need. Explore through the links below!

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Labels and Certifications

Official Sites

Delve more deeply into the criteria, standards, and practices related to the labels included in the grocery issue, and check out a few additional certifications we didn't have room for!

Produce: USDA Organic, Certified Naturally Grown

Gluten-free: NSF, Gluten Intolerance Group, Beyond Celiac, National Celiac Association

Meat and Eggs: Certified Humane Raised and Handled, Animal Welfare ApprovedGlobal Animal Partnership

Farmer & Land HealthNon-GMO ProjectRainforest Alliance CertifiedFairTrade International (FLO) , Fair Trade Certified 

Justice and Equity: B Corps, more on benefit corporations (standards vary by state, but this site provides sound information on the standards and processes), Agricultural Justice Project

There are hundreds of labels and certifications geared towards eco-consciousness that you may not come across so often. Eco Lab has an extensive index on their site!

Ethical Shopping Tools

Here are some helpful search engines to help you replace the current items on your grocery list with updates that meet your personal ethical standards. Keep in mind that these databases may be run by a group of conscientious community members without much, if any, funding, and lists may be incomplete or slightly outdated. Ask your grocer, farmer, or neighbor when you can't find something that you're looking for.

Additional readings

What is the potential impact of our shopping habits? How do we turn food deserts into food oases?

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What's a Co-op? (National Food Co-ops Association)

On Food Deserts, Swamps, and Oases

What's a Food Desert? (American Nutrition Association)

USDA Food Desert Locator (USDA)

AJC's Special Report: Starving For Nutrition (AJC)

Stranded In Atlanta's Food Deserts (Atlanta Magazine)

Carver Neighborhood Market brings fresh food to South Atlanta (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

New Oases in the "food deserts" of Atlanta (Georgia Health News)

Here’s How Tech Startups Are Fighting Atlanta’s 35+ Food Deserts (Hypepotamus)

Atlanta Food Deserts See Drought In Fruits And Vegetables (WABE)

When vegetables are closer in price to chips, people eat healthier, study finds (Medical Xpress)

Food swamps predict obesity rates better than food deserts (Medical Xpress)

Transforming Food Deserts and Swamps to Fight Obesity (Huffington Post)